Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Topic Tuesday!-THE PERFECT # 1 Pink blushes

hey guys!

i've thought of starting a new little post for the blog which is every tuesday would be topic tuesday mini series of 'THE PERFECT #'

So for this week we'll talk about THE PERFECT PINK BLUSHES!

now i dun like to wear something which is too dolled up,i like a cheek colour which looks like a light flush of colour and maybe looks like you've had a session on hot yoga!hence my love for liquid or cream blushes.

Estee lauder-Mua-Bourjois

Bourjois blush number 34 -golden rose-I love bourjois blushes..This blush was much raved about when it was out ,it seems to have been a dupe for nars blush…The colour pay off is brilliant and it looks lovely specially for a night makeup look.Its a beautiful rose gold colour..aaaah i love it!

Estee lauder blush in sunset rose- this is a very pretty pink looks dark at first but the real trick is to blend blend blend and it then it looks fresh and pretty,it suits all skin types in my opinion.

Benefit Benetint & Posie tine-My favourite of all time,i' m in love with these blushes + lip tints i like to use it only for blush.the colour payoff is amazing and the stay time is lovely too.i've used it for 12-14 hours straight and it dint need a retouch…since i get dry patches on my skin i prefer to use liquid formulation and it looks lovely!

MUA blush in bubblegum-It a deep pink shade for the price i really like mua products.it not chalky i blends really really well and to top it all its only 1£..yes what a bargain isn't it!

Which is your favourite blush?


  1. These blushes are so pretty :) I really like the colour of the Estee Lauder blush :)


  2. beautiful colors!! haa!!! love blushes!!! :)


  3. All of these blushes look so pretty, especially the Benefit tints! x

    Rachael | www.overdosedemaquillage.com ♥