Wednesday, 29 January 2014

PIxi Glow Tonic

One of the most raved product along with emma hardy cleansing balm is the toner
 "PIXI GLOW TONIC" and like emma hardy this was also suggested by the very famous skincare expert caroline hirons…Its a liquid exfoliating toner with ginseng ,it helps in toning tightening the skin and is alcohol free.

I went to the central london flagship store to get this because it was always out of stock to order on phone so decided to get my hands on it as soon as it was available.i was quiet surprised to see that all glow tonic were different colour with slight variation ,I was totally excited to get it because i a don't really like to exfoliate my skin with the harsh beaded exfoliators so this seemed like a new thing to me.It comes in a very basic packaging and has a pump i normally use a pump or two depending on how my skin is at the moment.

After a couple of first uses i knew why it was soo loved and much talked about product…i get dry patches on my skin specially around this time of the year and i used this product after cleansing my skin taking it on a cotton pad and swirling in on my face.My skin just seemed tightened and i dint have the dry patches which i had an issue with for absolute ages.I tried to give this step a miss for a couple of days and i started getting the dry patches again which made me realise that this toner was really helping me exfoliate without irritating or being harsh on my face.

Its quiet affordable also i must say compared to the very expensive ones on the market it retails at 16£ and is also sold online now can be found here


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  4. glad i found you via amodelrecommends
    i have purchased the alpha h which was about £42 much more expensive than this. I am going to try this when it finished also the clarins one have you tried any of these