Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Morning skincare routine # 1

I am not a big time skincare junkie but recently i have been getting into skincare and i am still experimenting with it and not settled on one but kind of satisfied with it.

My skin type is normally combination with odd dry patches that I've been getting alot recently specially on my forehead.

Cleanser- I like to use a basic cleanser i found this recently aveeno positively radiant cleanser,its nothing fancy basic cleanser does the job well and gets me ready to face the day!

Serum- Next i use my ever so favourite la roche posay effaclar duo (+) since i have been facing alot of breakouts recently and this just helps to calm my skin down and even out issues.

Serum - Hydraluron is for days when i am not using my effaclar duo and i use a pea size amount and spread it over my face i feel like it does the job of glue and makes my moisturiser stick to it and absorbs all the moisture into the skin.

Eye cream - Eysilix is by indeed labs this was a recommendation of Caroline hirons.I've heard alot about it from her on her blog and video..to be honest i dint find this one to be extraordinary.

Moisturiser - I like to wait for a while before i apply my moisturiser which is the aveeno positively radiant moisturiser and this has an SPF 30 which was one of the basic reasons i got this moisturiser because i like to use a cream with SPF in it rather than using a SPF separately.

lip balm - Lastly i use the maybelline baby lips again with SPF in it.and i really like this lip balm specially for day time before i apply my lipstick on.

i would love to hear what you guys have in your skincare routine and would love to get recommendations for and eye cream and moisturiser with SPF in it.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Repurchased beauty buys # 1

Hey guys!

We all have staples in out beauty stash and i always like to stock up on my skincare specially before i run out and am looking for offers so i can save on some bucks and some makeup repurchases which i will continue to get.

Hydraluron is a products which was introduced by caroline hirons on her blog and i immediately had to get it.Though my skin is combination sometimes it acts a bit weird and i get dry eczema patches around my eyebrows and my mouth so i tend to use hydraluron on alternative nights and days if i am not using in night.This is a serum which can hold the weight of water and helps in retaining and absorbing moisture to the skin,depending on how my skin is i use a moisturiser on top of it.But this product is something i like to stock on.

La Roche posay Effaclar duo + (originally la roche posay effaclar duo) This is not a product i use everyday but it has its permanent place of its own in my skincare.When i get those odd spots or breakout i use this and it completely takes care of it.i prefer the effaclar duo + to the original one.

Mac Russian red - Moving to makeup and starting with one of my favourite red lipsticks i adore this lipstick.It is a perfect red which would suit all skin tones.

Rimmel stay matte powder - we all know how much i love this powder and almost every girl who owns it loves it.apart from the packaging this product can definitely give some serious competition to other high end powders on the market.

Bourjois healthy mix serum - I haven't found a drugstore foundation i love as much as i love this bourjois heathlymix serum.This is the only foundation which looks fabulous when i have those odd dry eczema patches and does not cling onto them.It stays put all day long and photographs beautifully.

Mac smoulder - Lastly its my mac kohl in smoulder.I discovered this back in the day when i was in university and i used to love the dark smokey kohl look then and this just had a special place in my makeup bag from then.

Do you guys have any beauty products which you have to repurchase always?

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Weekly Favourites # 1

I hope you all had a lovely week cant believe how this year is passing by,I seriously think 2014 is moving really fast.lets get to the weekly favourites.

First is my neutrogena healthy skin foundation.I am in the shade 60.I love my bourjois healthy mx serum and nothing can replace it ,but this is a foundation which i really enjoyed wearing whenever i did wear foundation.It looks glowy on skin and is medium to buildable coverage and honestly for 11$ you can really go wrong can you?

Tarte amazonian 12 hour clay blush in Tipsy (longest name ever).This is one of the most pigmented gorgeous blush ever.It is perfect for spring/summer time stays for a really long time.i've added the other colours from this line to my wishlist.

Mac lady danger is a shade which every person who loves a red lip needs in her life.Macs russian red was my favourite colour until lady danger came in my life and i adore this,i have used almost half since i got this a month ago that is how much i love it!

Lastly Bourjois chocolate bronzer.I always had this but never really got to use it alot and since my spring deep clean i have placed this in my top drawer to use it more and this is a lovely bronzer just to warm um the skin or to contour.i like to use it as a bronzer all over the face.

What are the products you have enjoyed?would love to listen to your favourites!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

USA HAUL # 1 Base/blushes

Who does not love a haul?I love to see haul videos and see other people getting to know about different products and when the haul is beauty i ought to check it out!

I picked up a few things when in states and getting them all in a post for you guys with swatches!

Neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup: We do have neutrogena in uk but its restricted to few skincare prodcuts only.I somehow never got to get my hands on this foundation until now and have been using it regularly (If i am not wearing my tarte airbrush foundation).Its spf 20 and i am in the shade natural beige 20.It is of a thick consistency i prefer using my fingers since it blends in beautifully.I'll insert a picture for you guys to see the finish it gives.i think this ones close to my drugstore fav bourjois healthy mix serum which i absolutely adore.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Maybeline color sensational "The Elixir" -Nyx Butter Gloss review

These have been on my list ever since its launch and all the us beauty bloggers rave about it.Like you guys know i am not a lipgloss person i prefer a lipstick or balm to these,but somehow i the hype it got i was intrigued to check these out and i had to get them while i was in the states.i picked up a couple of them.The maybelline ones retail at 6.99$ and nyx butter gloss are 4.99$

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Hello lovelies!

This is a new idea I've come across and it seems to be just in perfect time before it starts!
BEDM or blog everyday in may is a month long challenge where we blog every single day .It sounds like a fun concept to do.I've taken up the challenge and am up for it!so brace your self as we go along this task and get ready for my dose of beauty every morning 9.30 a.m. British time!

*Hugz* and be sure to check back tomorrow as i talk about my new discovery of lip glosses!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Bronze it up!( with body shop bronzer deep honey)

We're approaching in spring/summer and we love a bit of bronze going on and i found this amazing bronzer from bodyshop on the recomendation of essie button who loves this bronzer.

I always found it very hard to find a good drugstore (I would consider bodyshop as drugstore for the prices they offer) bronzer for my skintone which is medium to tan.

This is my first bodyshop makeup product.I love their skincare range and the body butter range just make me wanna eat it!its soo amazing,getting back to this bronzer.i have the shade deep 4 and i think its the perfect shade ,alot of bronzers i feel for orange or grey this looks like a perfect colour and the reason why i was drawn to it is that its matte as opposed to most bronzers which have shimmer in it.It retails at 13£.