Monday, 27 January 2014

Drugstore mondays-Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Blemish Stick

Boots Tea Tree & witch hazel blemish stick -New found go to cheap drugstore alternative!

It is supposed to be an instant spot treatment.It comes in a stick and is of sea-green colour  smells of menthol to me .i found it quiet refreshing.

I was pleasantly surprised by it as its not an expensive product but does the job well…I used it for my spots and i think more than treating the spots already surfaced it treats the ones which are popping up.I use it at night when i am having those odd painful spots  and next morning i can very clearly see them going down and in a couple of days they were first tingles when i applied it but dint irritate my skin since my skin is super sensitive and anything which does not suit me it immediately shows.It is a sticky product and does not dry after you apply it but perhaps i wont expect much from it as it does the job well and is also cheap..

After a couple of uses i noticed it dint show any difference,it must have been that my skin got used to the product and it stopped working…but like i said its a basic cheep and cheerful product and does the job so i cant really expect it to work like high end products.

On the whole i like this product it sold at boots for 2.59£


  1. Ive never seen this before but I want to try it!! Im glad I found this post, thanks!!

  2. Replies
    1. yea i know!it has definately worked for me every skin is different but!let me know if you try how you get on with it!

  3. The blue sort of freaked me out.. But after seeing the swatch it looks good! Great review!

    xx Cathy from

    1. yeah!its not as it look on the has a fresh menthol smell!