Saturday, 25 January 2014

spa saturdays-How to remove tan using Yogurt

hi guys!

What i've decided is every saturday i'll talk on spa treatments at home using concoction from ingredients at home so lets get rolling...

Well i was in turkey a few weeks ago and it was cold but sunny which left a tan on my naturally wheatish skin i thought of using a mask which i like to use one in a while just to brighten up my face.I like to use a face mask using yogurt which not only helps in removing tan but also makes my skin clearer,brighter and reduces redness aswell.I like to use onken natural set yogurt but you can use any yogurt.

One of two ways to use yogurt to remove tan is on its own..apply a thin layer on your face and neck leave it for about 20-25 mins and wash it off with luke warm water. This leaves my skin looking bright less tanned and baby soft..

The other way which it can be used it with tomato juice 1 tb sp with natural yogurt 1/2 tb sp mix it well and apply an even thin layer on face and neck .let it sit on your skin for about 15 mins i like to read a book while it does the job on my face and then wash it off with luke warm water and be prepared to be left with fresh bright skin.


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