Friday, 24 January 2014

Indeed Labs Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue (REVIEW)

This is the last product review of my 3 purchases made from indeed labs .

 Eysilix claims to help lift eye area instantly and also claims to reduce appearance of puffiness,dark circles and crows feet…

This comes in a 15 ml tube with very basic packaging like all other indeed lab products come in.Its very practical.Its a fairly thick cream texture wise.

Results:I have been using this product for almost two months now and to be honest it dint seem like a miracle cream to me.I bought this cream after it was highly raved in the beauty industry.I don't dislike it either…it does help me in reducing puffiness and moisturises but i cant say about the dark circles bit and the fines lines one.I don't have a huge issue with wrinkles just started to get a few fine lines under my eye area so cant really say about how it helps with wrinkles.

So finally it seems like a decent product to me nothing magical can be bought at boots for 24.99£.

Disclaimer:All products mentioned are bought with my own money and are not sponsored and all views are my own no one has paid me for it.This is entirely based on my opinion it might not suit or suit anyone else.

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