Thursday, 16 January 2014

REVIEW:Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm

Finally!!!i've tried this product and i really like it.This is probably the most loved cleanser by all british beauty i decided to give it a try also because my liz Earle cleanse and polish i wonder why had started to break me out...I go this product around 15 days before and it was on sale on feel unique for 28.40£ which i think is a bargain as compared to 34£.

It has a very distinct smell from the moringa and i absolutely love it its quiet subtle at the same time its very refreshing..It says its a balm but it melts into oil the moment you scrape a bit off in your hand..i dint like the is fancy but dint seem very practical and i think for the price i found it a bit expensive but on the other hand you really need a tiny amount of product.i have been using it for two weeks now i just got through the first layer.

I love the way it feels when i massage it into the skin and i felt that it dose'nt strip my skin off but cleanses it in a different way and leaves my skin absolutely conditioned with the vitamin e extract in it.But i havent seen any difference in the way it treats skin as in i heard people saying it reduces the pore size and clears blemishes or may be two weeks is  bit less time to get to the conclusion on that one.but yes on the whole i am quiet happy with the way it cleanses my skin and feels like being treated in a spa.

it retails and 34.£ and can be found at space.n.k and online.

Dunt forget to come back next thursday lovelies!will come back with more xoxo


  1. I'm trying to expand my beauty products and this sure looks tempting!

    x Michelle |

    1. Hello feather den!it is surely tempting i resisted for a really long time and then bought it finally.i think its worth the splurge if can get hold of it!