Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Morning skincare routine # 1

I am not a big time skincare junkie but recently i have been getting into skincare and i am still experimenting with it and not settled on one but kind of satisfied with it.

My skin type is normally combination with odd dry patches that I've been getting alot recently specially on my forehead.

Cleanser- I like to use a basic cleanser i found this recently aveeno positively radiant cleanser,its nothing fancy basic cleanser does the job well and gets me ready to face the day!

Serum- Next i use my ever so favourite la roche posay effaclar duo (+) since i have been facing alot of breakouts recently and this just helps to calm my skin down and even out issues.

Serum - Hydraluron is for days when i am not using my effaclar duo and i use a pea size amount and spread it over my face i feel like it does the job of glue and makes my moisturiser stick to it and absorbs all the moisture into the skin.

Eye cream - Eysilix is by indeed labs this was a recommendation of Caroline hirons.I've heard alot about it from her on her blog and video..to be honest i dint find this one to be extraordinary.

Moisturiser - I like to wait for a while before i apply my moisturiser which is the aveeno positively radiant moisturiser and this has an SPF 30 which was one of the basic reasons i got this moisturiser because i like to use a cream with SPF in it rather than using a SPF separately.

lip balm - Lastly i use the maybelline baby lips again with SPF in it.and i really like this lip balm specially for day time before i apply my lipstick on.

i would love to hear what you guys have in your skincare routine and would love to get recommendations for and eye cream and moisturiser with SPF in it.

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