Friday, 2 May 2014

Maybeline color sensational "The Elixir" -Nyx Butter Gloss review

These have been on my list ever since its launch and all the us beauty bloggers rave about it.Like you guys know i am not a lipgloss person i prefer a lipstick or balm to these,but somehow i the hype it got i was intrigued to check these out and i had to get them while i was in the states.i picked up a couple of them.The maybelline ones retail at 6.99$ and nyx butter gloss are 4.99$

The packaging won me over they look absolutely beautiful in the transparent tube and called out to me.The doe foot applicator is very precise and one sweep and your done.

The nyx butter glosses are my favourite of the two they have a very different finish and they smell amazingly great!
NYX butter gloss strawberry parfait-maybelline nude illusion-maybelline captivating carnation-maybelline signature scarlet-nyx butter gloss tiramisu 

Have any one of you tried it?

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