Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Topic Tuesday The Perfect RED LIPS # 3

Hey guys long time no see but m back now will make a separate  post on where i've been but for now lets take a dip into the bright world of red lips!As mentioned in the post of perfect pink lips couple of posts back if you havent already checked out i'll link it here  I LOVE A RED LIP! I dunt know what it is that i always go into a beauty section swatch a different colour put it in my basket and while i continue to browse i pick a new shade of red and end up leaving the one i picked initially of different color and bring home the love of my life.so lets get going..

MAC Russian Red - Everyone knows about this red shade. The first time i got this was about two years ago and i fell in love with it immediately.It such a beautiful matte colour with blue undertones.It stays put all day long and does not dry out my lips.I think it would suit all skin tones i am of a tan colour and i think it looks beautiful.
Sephora Lip Cream Stain (Always red) - I heard about this from Amelia liana in one of her videos(Love her videos btw) and she described this to be better than the hourglass liquid lipsticks which led this to the top of my shopping list from sephora when i visited the states and oh wow i was amazed by its taying power,it sets as a matte colour and does not budge the whole day and i love the shade selection in this line and it is very affordable at 13$ ,its available online and here

Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick (`Mayfair Lady)- A more affordable option from the drugstore and it had to be rimmel.love this shade quiet similar to russian red but has a glossy finish and i found this to be very slippery and moves around a bit but if used with a liner underneath and applied with a brush i think it does the job then.It retails at 6.49£.

Rimmel Moisture renew liptick(In Love with ginger)- Staying in the drugstore theme this is another rimmel lipstick which blows me away every time i wear it this is another recommendation by amelia liana (THANKS Amelia love this shade) this one is a great shade if you are new to orange lips ,a very vibrant  coral/red shade again very affordable asos always have discount going on cosmetics here

Flormar long wearing lipstick (L13) - This is a red lip from turkish brand i had mentioned this before in one of my favourites ,Its quiet similar to Mac's Russian red with blue undertones and suits all skin tones.I picked this up when i was away in turkey for a holiday last year.

Mac Lady Danger - Ending with an all time beauty lover favourite gorgeous lady danger,i heard about this from lisa eldridge and had to get this,it looked amazing on her love to wear this shade in spring/summer day time ,saw essiebutton wear it a couple of days ago and she looked stunning,mac again i would say is cheaper to buy in the states 16$ and we pay 15£ here in the uk.

I'd love to hear about your favourite red lips and get some new suggestions!


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