Monday, 10 February 2014

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

The first time i heard about this cult product was from Lisa eldridge,she seemed to have loved it and mentioned it in couple of her videos and i seem to add most of the things she mentions to my beauty wishlist and tend to buy it at some point of time not only because i love her but because i trust what she says she knows what she'z talking about and i absolutely adore her.The only reason why i restrained from buying this product for soo long was its price,32£ for a facial spray mist.hmmm i'm not sure if its worth it.Recently it was on an offer for 25£ on lookfantastic so i decided to give it a try.

 It is spray mist not exactly a toner but is used in form of toner by a lot of people and also used over makeup,it is said to smooth,tighten pores and give your complexion an instant radiant look.It is used by queen Isabelle of Hungary.It is a cult product of celebrities and makeupartists.Fashion designer L'wren scott created a limited edition design which i bought.It comes in a glass bottle looks sophisticated but not sure how practical the glass bottle is going to turn out.

 It contains grapes,rosemary and peppermint with other ingredients.I'm not sure if i like the smell of it.i found it a little weird and very strong for me.It is quiet refreshing not sure of the pores and other things it targets.I havent used it much though,been using it for a week and half now.will let you know how it goes the space for a full review.. For those who are interested feelunique is having an offer of 5% and its currently on sale here

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