Friday, 31 January 2014

Monthly favourites

It was new year a couple of days ago and now i know its the 31st! oh where has the time flied? Its the end of the month which means my monthly favourites.I got into regular blogging this month so i was fairly busy with that after a brief holiday in turkey..i have a few bits to add from the beauty stuff i bought from back in istanbul.

Cover girl clump crusher mascara:thats a mouthful name i just start with i heard soo much about this mascara but sadlywe dont get it in the uk,i picked it up when i was in us.tried it and loved clumps as the name suggests and that makes soo much of difference,but you can still get it online here

soap and glory hand food-Moving on i love this product have been using it for more than a year now..this is always by my bedside since i like to moisturise my hands every now and again and it smells fruity and tropical.just love that one.Its currently on offer 3 for 2 here
swatch of the lipstick above

Flormor lipstick-I picked this up when i was in turkey recently i gather its a turkish brand i love the formulation it goes on smoothly and sets as semi matte finish satiny finish and lasts for a good amount of time.perfect for winter months.

Emma hardy amazing face cleansing balm:hmmm what do i say i bought this a lil over a month ago and have been using it since.My liz earl one was breaking me out so i thought of giving this a go since its raved by soo many beauty bloggers and now i get it cleanses my skin makes me feel as thou i am in a spa and i love it although the price is on the higher side i think its worth it since you only need a tiny amount.It can be bout online here .I have a much detailed review about it if your fancy checking it out here

Hydraluron-Lastly another much raved product which in my opinion deserves all the credit is the caroline herons recommended product HYDRALURON by indeed labs..this is a serum which helps you retain moisture in your skin and makes it radiant and plum and i absolutely adore this product specially at this time of the year since my skin tends to get patchy dryness on the face this has really helped me with I adore this product alot..Its on a deal right now in boots for 1/3 off.check it out here


  1. lovely post :) I love the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm its definitely a great product! Thanks for the post


  2. I would love to try the Emma Hardie Cleansing balm as so many people love it! I love Soap and Glory Hand Food too and that lipstick looks amazing! xx

    Lovely post, I'm now following with Bloglovin'! xx

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  3. I really like Hand Food as well, I didn't realise that you could get it in a pump.

  4. The Emma hardie cleansing balm is probably my favourite skin care product x

  5. The lipstick looks delightful!


  6. I hear great things about Soap & Glory! Following your blog now ♥

  7. I really want to try the cleansing balm!

    I love your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    Check out the post here:

  8. Great post doll :) I'd love to try Hydraluron, heard so many fab things about it :)x

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  9. lovely picks!