Friday, 13 December 2013

HYDRALURON-indeed lab review

I bought a couple of products from indeed labs recently and will be talking about each on of them.

Lets talk about the first purchase i made the most talked about product of 2013 i think for skin which is "HYDRALURON"

This is moisture booster with hyaluronic acid which is one on the favourite ingredient of skincare experts.i heard about this product by caroline hirons whom i absolutely look upto for skincare advice and i had to try it since she had given it her approval. 

It comes in a very basic packaging and is of gel consistency ,It is  used as a serum under your moisturiser and applied before it tends to hold the moisturiser well.It is a bit slippery when u apply it first but it is to hold your moisturiser well and as the day progresses it really helps to keep the moisture and my face has seen a visible difference the very next morning i used it was radiant and looked well moisturised.

i use it religiously at night and alternate day i use in the day also.after using this i realised how dehydrated my skin was though i never had dry skin but this has really made my skin look fresh and radiant.

It is retailed at boots for 24.99£ and is on an offer most of the time and currently its on an offer of 16.66£.

It is definitely a great skincare purchase,i have bought the eyecream also from the same indeed lab brand but i will use it well before i review if for you guys.

Let me know in the comments below if any one of you have tried it and how did you guys get on with it!

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