Thursday, 7 November 2013

LIz Earle cleanse and polish "Holy grail cleanser"

Liz Earle's cleanse and polish must be one of the few products which every blogger must have tried and reviewed on.

I walked into john lewis the couple of days ago and and crossed the liz earl counter(for those of you who don't know the brand-its  a brand which uses all natural ingredients,this product was talked about soo much i wonder why i never purchased it,so i decided to buy the cleanse and polish starter kit  with muslin cloth which was 14.25£ for a 100ml bottle along with the Liz earl instant boost Skin tonic which was priced at 13.25£ for 200 ml bottle.

The packaging is quiet nice and it comes with a pump,a pump and half of product is all you need.Massage it onto your face and neck  on dry skin(and well onto the eye lashes so it gets every single bit of the mascara on),wipe it off with the muslin cloth given soaked in warm water-hot water(slightly hot water works best for me),it leaves your face feeling fresh and ultra smooth(has ingredients like cocoa butter,eucalyptus essential oils).

Then i use the cotton pad to apply the skin boost tonic ,resulting in fresh and radiant skin.

Its been almost a month now and i absolutely love this cleanser and use it twice a day and i still haven't run out of the 100ml bottle.My skin feels much clean from spots and stays moisturised all day.

 This amazing cleanser truly deserves to be raved about and i am surelly going to repurchase it.I would suggest you lovelies to definitely give it a try!!!

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